Road & circuit coaching

Have you always wanted to know how to get the most enjoyment out of – safely – driving a sports car on the public road or track? Then Road & Circuit coaching might be something for you!

Road Coaching

With Philippe Bonneel, an experienced hand in racing on the track, you will certainly get the best out of your purchase. If you have purchased a sports car and want to drive it responsibly, then this Road Coaching is perfect for you.

  • Safety on the road
  • Responsibility with your car
  • Know and respect your car
  • Enjoy your car on the road to the fullest

Session on the road – Minimum 3 hours.

Circuit coaching

Would you like to learn the best way to drive sportily on the track? Bavaria Motors offers exclusive and personal circuit coaching. Take a day trip with Philip Bonneel in your car and learn the tricks of the trade with an experienced pilot!

  • Tips & tricks
  • Instructions on board
  • Professional coaching
  • Teaching driving lines and braking points
  • ...

Full trackday on the track of your choice.

Interested in Road & circuit coaching?

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