Bavaria Motors Car Detailing.

Severe weather conditions can be a nightmare for your daily driver's paintwork. Bavaria Motors can offer various solutions that protect your car against harsh weather conditions.

A professional paint treatment is also a guarantee to enhance and maintain the shine of your car.

The washes are much more efficient. The result is stunning and well worth the investment! View below the different treatments that Bart, our expert, can apply to protect your car and make it shine like never before:


As an officially recognized distributor of the Gtechniq brand, we offer high quality ceramic coatings for detailing and paint protection. This means that we offer an extensive warranty on the products and services supplied!

What are the benefits?

  • A visibly increased gloss and smooth paint
  • Easy maintenance of the car
  • UV protection of the paint
  • Water and dirt repellent
  • Long-term protection against scratches
  • This treatment is also possible for your oldtimer and guarantees the preservation of the original color of the car.


Protect your car with the ultimate form of paint protection and let our expert apply a protective Paint Protection Film (PPF). This is a self-healing transparent film that is placed completely to size. As a result, there are virtually no visible edges and all vulnerable surfaces are protected against stone chips!

What are the advantages?

  • Completely transparent
  • Self-healing
  • Stone chip resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Self-cleaning
  • Guarantees value retention of your car
  • On this Paint Protection Film (PPF ) we offer a 10-year guarantee on the color change of the film and its adhesive effect.
  • Partial treatments (only front/front and back and side/full carriage) are also possible.
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    This Paint Protection Film (PPF) is recommended in combination with a ceramic coating.

    With each treatment, the car undergoes an extensive pre-treatment consisting of several steps so that the condition of the paint is optimal before the coating or Paint Protection Film (PPF) is applied.


They've done a great job. The finishing is just perfect

I delivered my Ferrari 458 Speciale to Bavaria Motors Car Detailing to fully protect the car with a high-quality protective film. The work is done by Bart who is a very nice person. He will send you photos and short videos during the treatment. I highly recommend Bavaria Motors in Harelbeke. Plus they have great vehicles for sale, first class.

Emmanuel Pagani , Real Estate


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