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Dear Customer,

Severe weather conditions can be a nightmare for your car's paintwork.

Bavaria Motors can offer various solutions for this that will not only protect your car against harsh weather conditions, but will make your car shine like never before for several years!

View below the different treatments that our expert can apply to protect your car:


As an officially recognized distributor of the Gtechniq brand, we offer high quality ceramic coatings for detailing and paint protection. This also means that we offer an extensive warranty on the products and services delivered!

What are the advantages?
•    Visibly increased shine and smooth paint
•    Easy maintenance of the car
•    UV protection of the paint
•    Water and dirt repellent
•    Long-term protection against scratches
This treatment is also possible for your old-timer and guarantees the preservation of the original color of the car.


Treat your car to the ultimate form of paint protection and let our expert apply a protective Paint Protection Film (PPF).
This is a self-healing transparent film that is fully customized. This means there are no visible edges, and all sensitive surfaces are also protected!

What are the advantages?
•    Completely transparent
•    Self-healing
•    Stone chip resistant
•    Chemically resistant
•    Self cleaning
•    Guarantees the value of your car
We offer a 10-year warranty on this Paint Protection Film (PPF) for the color change of the film and its adhesive effect.
Partial treatments (only front / front and back and side / complete car) are also possible!

This Paint Protection Film (PPF) is recommended in combination with a ceramic coating!

With each treatment, your car is completely cleaned and polished before applying the desired treatment.

Feel free to make an appointment!
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