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Bavaria Team: Who is Saens Loyson?


There is no doubt that Bavaria Motors employs people with a big heart for unique cars. Our team is driven by the profession and gives 100% every day! To offer a glimpse behind the scenes, from now on we will regularly be putting a colleague in the spotlight, this time, Saens Loyson, our in-house photographer and all-rounder within the company. Saens (24) has had a passion for photography for many years. In his spare time, he likes to make trips to various events and circuits to capture the most unique cars. Here's our conversation with Saens Loyson:

What is your position within Bavaria Motors?
"My main task is to photograph our cars. I like to create and edit unique images that I then place in the online advertisements and on social media. Because we have a lot of foreign followers, I regularly make general atmospheric images so that they too can enjoy our exceptional offer at our modern location. Operationally, I am responsible together with my colleague Kristof for the preparation and finishing of the cars upon arrival. After that, the arrangement of cars in the showroom is my responsibility. "

We see you enthusiastically getting started every day, what drives you at Bavaria Motors?
"I am very passionate about sports cars. This ensures that I have definitely come to the right place here. By making my hobby my job, I enjoy doing my hobby every day. This showroom is like my second home. "

What moments do you remember most?

"I love to take a car from our stock to an exceptional location and then make a photo report of it. Recently we took the Porsche 992 Turbo S to the farmland and placed the car in a stable among the cows. Sometimes you have to be creative for unique photos! The moment I remember most is the day I drove our Ford GT to Bruges to make a photo report of it."

" Which car do you want to make a photo series of?
"That would be the Ferrari F40"

What are your top 5 favorite cars of all time?
1. Dodge Viper ACR
2. Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS
3. Pagani Zonda F
4. Ford GT 40
5. Ferrari 250 GTO

Which car from our showroom would you choose to drive around for a weekend?
"Undoubtedly the Porsche 997.2 GT3 RS. This is partly due to the manual gearbox and partly because this is the most hardcore Porsche in our current range for me."